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Every week, we talk to industry experts and break down the deals that fail to make it to closing. Our goal is for you to learn how to get a deals done more effectively by learning from the mistakes of others.

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Sara & Daniel

Over a decade of experience in small business law and finance

Sara Sharp

Deal Lawyer - Partner SK&S Law Group LLP

Daniel Talbott

Business Broker/Consultant - Partner Profit and Grow

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We're looking for M&A Experts and Deal Makers

Do you have a story about a deal that failed to make it to close, and how it may have been saved or red flags you look out for because of it? We want to talk to you!

Acquisition Entrepreneurs

Have you acquired a business recently that came with some hard earned lessons you'd like to share?

Legal and Accounting Professionals

Lawyers and Accountants, have you seen deals go sideways and known it was completely avoidable if they new one important thing?

Lenders and Investors

Have you tried to fund a deal that died before closing, and you wish the deal maker new about these red flags before bringing you in?

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